Music Photography Blog

by Adam Elmakias

Zombies In My Home

This past week Kyle Crawford came to my hometown, Madison, Wisconsin and helped me out while I shot his clothing line, Electric Zombie. If you don’t know who Kyle is, you most likely know/have seen his work. Just take a visit to your local Hot Topic and look at their “rock t-shirt wall”, you would see about 15 of his shirt designs plastered across it. (view portfolio) However, that is his day job, in his free time he designs some pretty bad-ass zombie apparel.

Kyle was nice enough to throw together a behind the scenes video from the shoot. The video portrays his personality well, wild and random. Please disregard the last 30 seconds, he figured it would be funny to record me waking up at 5:00am to take his ass to the airport – bad form.

Winter shoots are often difficult to pull together in Madison because studio spaces just get plain boring. We ended up shooting this in my garage for the group shots and my basement for the stock/product shots. The garage was 3 degrees Fahrenheit to begin with, so I threw this huge space heater inside to warm it up a bit. I only opened the garage door when I was actually taking photos, to try and conserve as much warm air as possible. To give the images a little more kick I covered the ground with water so that their bodies would cast a reflection.

Here are a few images from the shoot, fully edited. I’ll have some of the garage shots up soon.