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by Adam Elmakias

Vegas, Suicide, Vegas

The following three shows/short runs I did were all self assigned. I rode with Pierce The Veil to Las Vegas on October 22nd for a quick one-off they had with A Day To Remember.

Here is quick video Casey made from our trip. For the record, the poop bag he threw at me wasn’t the real one.

On the road
This is Robert, he is a San Diego friend of mine. Please note the sign emerging from his stomach, it’ll remind you of when you were 10.
Johnny getting Pierce The Veil’s guitars tuned

Meet James, A Day To Remember’s new guitar tech.

Pierce The Veil live at Rock The Block, in Las Vegas, Nevada

Tony Perry


Brotherly love
Group photo!
Josh and Neil
A Day To Remember moments before going on stage


A Day To Remember live at Rock The Block, in Las Vegas, Nevada

Monkey man was arrested, but I still think he’s awesome
Mosh pit
Alex and Josh mid-set high-five
Neil singing

Suicide Silence played at Soma in San Diego, CA on October 28th. I knew the guys from a past shoot and warped tour and they also had one of my old friends from the Midwest out with them to “party manage”.

Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence, and his daughter, Kenadee.

George, best security guard ever
Burke, the best come from the Midwest

Mark Heylmun of Suicide Silence

Mitch Lucker warming up/ stretching for before show. Kenadee was following his directions and attempting to do the same.

Suicide Silence stage setup

Mic check one two one two

Suicide Silence live at Soma in San Diego, California

For Halloween weekend I asked Sheep, Bring Me The Horizon‘s tour manager if I could travel with them for two days. He said sure thing. I hopped on their bus in San Diego, and got off in Las Vegas.

Alternative Press wrapped tour bus

This Is Hell live at Soma in San Diego, Califronia

Dean, Bring Me The Horizon’s guitar tech

August Burns Red live at Soma in San Diego, Califronia


Bring Me The Horizon live at Soma in San Diego, Califronia

Nick Martin of D.R.U.G.S.

I slept in Bring Me The Horizon‘s front lounge. I woke up to their bus driver at 2:00am threatening (jokingly) to do something bizarre to me- he’s the crazy guy towards the bottom of this post with the incredibly long tong.

MC Nickels

Suit shopping for the party!

View from the suite in Mandalay Bay
Phil the cat

“Best intro ever” award goes to Polar Bear Club, everyone loves Dexter. Yes, Sheep up to no good, again.

The band entered the stage to the Dexter intro music. Right after I took this image, he stabbed Sheep, and then blood was sprayed all over and a severed arm was thrown into the crowd, it was awesome.

Polar Bear Club live at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, Nevada

And again, Sheep doing something wild

August Burns Red live at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, Nevada

Malin and Jona

Bring Me The Horizon live at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, Nevada

If this was clicked half a second later…
Bring Me The Horizon featuring half naked Jaxin and almost naked Ross
We will leave this one be
Outro dance party
Look carefully…


I passed out that night in Bring Me The Horizon‘s back lounge. I hung out with them in Vegas the next day and caught a plane home that night. Most random image ever, snapped it an hour before catching the cab to the airport.

Shania Twain doing an interview in the vacant House of Blues- I sniped a creeper image of her with my 70-200mm.

s’all I got for now.