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by Adam Elmakias

Soundwave 2012 with A Day To Remember

I recently took a trip to Australia, I visited Cairns and then stayed in Melbourne for a few weeks. While I was in Melbourne I hit up Soundwave Festival. Soundwave is sorta like Australia’s version of The Van’s Warped Tour. I say sorta because it is the same concept- a traveling festival that covers the whole Country. The difference is that Soundwave is only five stops total, and at each stop there are way more people than Warped. Melbourne capped 55k I believe, it sold out. I’ll post my travel pictures, and behind the scenes gopro video of this live shoot soon. But for now, here are the final images.

These were all taken on March 2nd, 2012.

and we’re off to a good start

Tour Laminate
Neil’s suitcase
Jeremy hanging
Your Demise hanging with A Day To Remember, backstage soundwave
Hard at work
Neil with Dan from Atticus
Unknown tech, Jeremy, and David all holding Marilyn Manson’s mics
Maximum singing voice, Opera maybe
Johnny “I want a shot with the crowd behind me” …. not ideal lighting
Max, local Tour Manager
Jeremy and Anthony Green, fist pound before going on stage
Last minute stretch
Kevin Skaff
Kevin Skaff live
Josh Woodard live
Neil Westfall
A Day To Remember live
A Day To Remember live
Alex Shelnutt on drums
Crowd shot, lots of folk
And again
Neil tuning
A Day To Remember
Kevin swapping guitars with tech Johnny
It’s really hard to get lighting this nice when you are shooting at 3:00pm
Jeremy live
OZ cape action
Kevin Skaff doing what he does best
Superhero! Ay!
A Day To Remember live at Soundwave
Like a boss
Jeremy McKinnon
Alex and Jeremy talking with their faces
Neil Westfall
Techs, being awesome
Out with a bang
Had to grab this quick at the end
Johnny, I am not sure why I edited this, this way. But it works for Johnny.
Johnny and Kev
Johnny and Neil
Ping pong
They are very focused, I however, am not.
The Kev chill
Goodbye Johnny
and the rest of the team
Hartley, great shooter. Very photogenic too!

and sassy, I haven’t used that word in years.

Had a chance to hang out and meet a few photographer friends of mine. Such good people.

Dan Purnell, Me, James Hartley, and Ben Clement – photographer hangout!