Music Photography Blog

by Adam Elmakias

The Elmakias Bracelet

I made these for fun… so you know… all us camera nerds can sport em. A lot of my friends I work with have been sporting them as well (Pierce The Veil, Bring Me The Horizon) If you snag a shot of anyone wearing one, or a shot of yourself sporting one, please post them to the Flickr group that someone has so kindly set up. If you want to pick one up just follow this lovely link and order one. Hope all is well for everyone, I have a grip of them out with me on warped tour as well, and a few with Pierce The Veil‘s merch guy at all times. If you can find me, I’ll give you one for free. If you can find the Pierce The Veil merch tent, they are half price ($5)- it’s like a fun confusing game.

I hope you guys enjoy these fun bracelets just as much as I do, so far people have been loving ’em and I am pretty proud to brag about how nerdy I am.