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by Adam Elmakias

New Lens Bracelet – Pro Series #1

The Lens Bracelet® Pro Series #1 is finally here. Before I get into the details, I have to thanks Lens Rentals for making this whole thing possible. Without them I wouldn’t have any of the models needed in order to make these guys.  I don’t actually own over 25k in lenses. But I do own the bracelets! You should too… 😉

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The Lens Bracelet® Pro Series #1 is made up of 10 different designs, more intricate and a bit thicker than before. I tried my hardest to break one of these things, and I couldn’t. So either I am weak as crap, or they are strong as ever. Lets go with the latter.

Five Canon based Lens Bracelets

1) The 24-70mm Pro C

2) The 50mm Pro C

3) The 35mm Pro C

4) The 70-200mm Pro C

5) The 400mm Pro C

Two Nikon based Lens Bracelets

6) The 24-70mm Pro N

7) The 70-200mm Pro N

Two Leica based Lens Bracelets

8 ) The 16-18-21mm Pro L

9) The 50mm Pro L

One Zeiss based Lens Bracelet

10) The 35mm Pro Z

The interior design on the bracelets looks like this.

We also stepped up our game packaging wise. Check it out. The Original C Series and N Series bracelets will be packaged like this as well.

That’s all I got for now! Enjoy.
Order your Lens Bracelet® at