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Music Photography Workshop Recap

To say I have been more inspired than I am at this very moment in my life, would be a lie. I have never been in a room full of so many people that are determined to simply, get better. Everyone who came to this workshop had one goal – to learn. I guess it’s easy to say you want to learn, however the way these people went about learning was so impressive. They not only bettered themselves, but took time to meet, help, and encourage all the other people they met that day. I am so happy to be a part oof this community.

It’s really hard to explain just how the workshop went. So luckily for you, and for me – I had some of my friends – Brandon and Jasmine join me ( and photograph it).

I did my first of what I know will be many more workshops this past weekend in San Diego. Well, I have done workshops before – or rather I have taught people about Music Photography before.  But this is the first time we straight up rented out a venue to ourselves.  As you learn, you sometimes forget. And the things you forget can be really helpful to remember. So the best way for me to remember them – is to teach them. I have gone back to my high school almost every year since I have graduated. My high school photography teacher has been a big contributor and mentor to me in my life, so it is always nice to go back and meet all of her students. Through that experience and a few others I have learned just how much I enjoy teaching.

Anyway the workshop was broken into two days. Intermediate and Advance. They had loosely the same schedule, however the content and goal that was taught each day was different. Each of them started with a two hour presentation, then we shifted to a venue for four hours, and then finished up in front of the screen for another hour and a half. The first day aimed at taking people who have been into music photography for awhile – to the next level aka Concert Photography Level Up. The second day was geared on taking people who are well versed in concert photography already – and giving them the tools and information to assist them with the task of getting on tour – Becoming A Tour Photographer. This is a hard industry to navigate, and I want to help you. If you have any questions, want more info – or want to be alerted when I come to your area.

All photographs by Jasmine Garcia and Brandon Sloter

Concert Photography Level Up

Day 1 – Intermediate Class

Day 1 in full!
Here we go
I go for the simple and straight to the point approach
Keepin’ it real
Outside SOMA San Diego – our venue/ classroom for the day
Sunny San Diego
My friend Robert, a Security guard – teaching us about how to work with Security
Robert, amazing human
Barricade for a seat
Shooting without the distractions
Talk with the band – Tanner of In Flames and Joey of The Used!
Shooting from Front Of House
Just us
Discussing what makes a good music photo

Becoming A Tour Photogrpaher

Day 2 – Advance Class

Becoming A Tour Photographer class
Lost my voice day two, but the students were understanding – they didn’t judge my mic skills
Discussion how to work with artists backstage
Learning how to shoot on stage
shooting on stage
Just them and Joey
Get the behind the drummer shot in less than 3 seconds… it aint easy
Shooting from stage
Shooting on stage
Had a few crew friends come in and speak about tour life
Amazing Jason explaining the life of a light tech
Myles explaining the job of a Stage Manager
Kyle talking about being a Tour Manager / Production Manager
Lionel and Tanner speaking about being drummers/ drum techs
Joey and Johnny talking about being guitar techs
These wonderful people made this possible – thanks Anna and Steve
The talented Brandon! Thanks homie

All in all it was a success. Thanks so much for everyone who came out.  I look forward to doing this more and meeting more people.

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Adam Elmakias
Adam Elmakias is a Fine Art Music Photographer based out of Los Angeles, California.