Music Photography Blog

by Adam Elmakias

Two In One

Just finished getting through TSA at the Airport, and I am off for another month long tour. Every time I pass through the x-ray I have to wait about 10 minutes for the boss to show up and make sure my Vagabond is okay to take on the plane, which it is, every time.

Anyway, there a few things I make sure I bring with me when I head out on tour. Aside from the necessary cameras/flashes, hygiene supplies and Emergen-C, I always make sure to bring two dollars bills.


They are bad ass
They make me appear bad ass
People always feel like they are getting something more

Think of it is as doing a Mitzvah, excuse my Hebrew, a “good deed”, every time you pay for a good/service with it. Chances are whoever receives the two dollar bill has never had one. Not only do you boggle their mind, but you fulfill your duty as a customer. Two in one kinda deal.

Tow dollar bills can be used for…

Hot dogs from a hot dog stand
Tips for the red cap service
Tips for cab drivers
Two Micky D’s McChickens

…and other random things that one dollar bills just can’t own up to.

Once in awhile you will run into a “non-believer”, for example at the Quizno’s Sub in the O’ Hare airport I ran out of other bills and had to pay for my Honey Mustard Chicken sub with three two dollar bills and some loose change. I handed the money to the Cashier and she looked at me and said “I am not sure we take these”. I laughed a little and responded “I am pretty sure you take the US currency, in fact I am positive that is all you take”. She still didn’t get it…”let me get my manager.” Of course the manager came out and corrected her error, and I was able to get my Honey Mustard Chicken sub. Soon after the sandwich maker said “Lemme’ get them” and bought the two dollar bills straight out of the register. People love the things, it’ like you pay for whatever you are purchasing and then some.

Hopefully a few of you will pick up some two dollars bills (which you can get from most banks), and start making people’s lives all the better.

…off to New Mexico for me.