Music Photography Blog

by Adam Elmakias

The Bloggage

Sooo despite my lack of skills when it comes to writing, I decided to start a bunch of bloggage for the upcoming year of 2009.

However, due to lack of time, 2008 was the Dark Age for me, so I thought I’d shed some light on what went on throughout this past year. For those of you that don’t know me, 2008 was the first year that I have done photography as a full time gig. I graduated from highschool, and went to college for a semester. I wasn’t really enjoying it so I decided to try and do my own thing.

Now, I basically photograph bands, and travel around the country, with bands, and sleep on van floors more often than I would prefer, with bands.

Anyway, this year, I….
Met a bunch of photographers

  1. Gage Young
  2. Brett Arthur
  3. Michael Ish
  4. Phill Mamula
  5. Collin Hugggggggghes
  6. Tim Harmon
  7. Luke Severson
  8. Dave Newton
  9. Luke Mouradian
  10. Brian Biggs
  11. Jake Mengelkoch
  12. Stephanie Hung
  13. Keaton Andrew
  14. Taylor Foiles
  15. Mike Smith
  16. Emilio Delgado
  17. Tom Falcone
  18. Jesse Speelman
  19. Ricky Kluge
  20. Dave Hamilton
  21. Mitch Wojick
  22. Willy Weigel
  23. Aaron Van Dike

Posed a bunch of bands

  1. A Day To Remember
  2. A Rocket To The Moon
  3. A Skylit Drive
  4. Ace Enders
  5. Ace Enders and a Million Different People
  6. Alesana
  7. All That Remains
  8. All Time Low
  9. Alton Kelly
  10. Ash Avenue
  11. Before Their Eyes
  12. Blessed By A Broken Heart
  13. Blinded Black
  14. The Box Social
  15. Breathe Carolina
  16. Brighten
  17. Bring Me The Horizon
  18. Cavashaun
  19. Chiodos
  20. Confide
  21. Cove
  22. Cute Is What We Aim For
  23. Dance Gavin Dance
  24. Danger Radio
  25. Envy On The Coast
  26. Every Avenue
  27. Every Time i Die
  28. Farewell
  29. Fiction City
  30. Flowers For Dorian
  31. Forever The Sickest kids
  32. Four Letter Lie
  33. Four Year Strong
  34. Gundown At sundown
  35. Gym Class Heroes
  36. Have Heart
  37. Impending Doom
  38. Ivoryline
  39. Mayday Parade
  40. Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster
  41. Memphis May Fire
  42. MyChildren MyBride
  43. Oh, Sleeper
  44. Pasiflora
  45. Pierce The Veil
  46. Powerspace
  47. Rookie Of The year
  48. Rex Lex
  49. Scary Kids Scaring Kids
  50. Settings
  51. Serieanna
  52. Silverstein
  53. Something Sacred
  54. Teeter
  55. The Bigger Lights
  56. The Bronx
  57. The Cab
  58. The Devil Wears Prada
  59. The Friday Night Boys
  60. The Gossip Structure
  61. The Hottness
  62. The Maine
  63. The Morning Of
  64. The Obstacles
  65. There For Tomorrow
  66. Time Tells All
  67. TV/TV
  68. Veil of Maya
  69. Venia
  70. We The Kings
  71. What I Call War
  72. WhiteChapel
  73. With Dead Hands Rising

Helped pose a few bands

  1. Hollywood Undead
  2. Stars After The Storm

Had some good times, I am all about having fun. Some highlights…

Traveled around the states with a bunch of nice guys, and Canada a few times.
Left my camera on the Southwest Airlines counter
Paid for and got a girls name tattooed on the right side of my chest
Paid for and got a guys name tattooed on the left side of my chest
Lost my shoe well sleeping in Canada
Cram 2 shirts, one pair of pants, and 6 pair of underwear at the bottom of my light stand case, for a two month travel extravaganza
Get a warning for traveling 20 miles under the speed limit somewhere in DC, while driving a 1967 Teal Caddilac

Thanks many times over to the guys in Four Letter Lie, Just Surrender, Before Their Eyes, Settings, Dr. Manhattan, Blessed By A Broken Heart, There For Tomorrow, Bring Me The Horizon, and The Devil Wears Prada for lending me some floor space on tour. Also all the people who let me stay at their home on my days off and such. Oh yea, and Brian Buckley, for driving me to Canada and New York when I couldn’t drive.