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by Adam Elmakias

Photography Pants

Alright, so I made some photography pants, for photographers. They basically take all the little things you need access to on the fly and secure them safely into your pant’s pockets.

They are super slim, stretchy, deep black denim pants that petersaysdenim and I collaborated on. I don’t have mine up for sale at the moment, but I should have them up sooner or later. When I do, I’ll tweet about it.

I know these images of me wearing the pants don’t show much- but I just wanted to give you a feel for how they fit. I know, skinny hipster jeans- but that’s what I wear. If you guys like the concepts for the pants, let me know. I am going to make some more universal designs in the near future so everyone can have their own pair- if you like the pants leave a comment at the bottom of this page. Maybe make some suggestions on ways I can go about improving them?

Anyway, here are all the features my photography pants pack.

The front and the interior of the back both have my logo. But that doesn’t really do anything- it looks nice though. Movin’ on.

See that pocket that the AE is sewn on to?

That is your lens cap/ lens cloth pocket.

On the other side we have a snappable pocket. I had originally made it velcro in the first two samples, but it just made that terrible sound and looked all kindsa goofy- so snaps for the win.

The snaps are for your memory cards! Or gum, or maybe a lighter. Whatever you put in there, it will be safe and will not fall out of your pockets- or get crushed.

The inside of my pockets have the pockets have my logo tiled all over them. I am not quite sure how many people see the inside of your pant’s pocket- I guess that depends on your lifestyle. BUT it looks cool- even if you are the only one who sees it.

The backside has two normal pockets, like any pair of pants. But in addition it has a smaller pocket for your business cards. Now you can reach back, grab one, and have it in your newly met friend’s hands before they even know it. No more searching around in your wallet! Please note that these are sticking out half way, but you can push them all the way in so they are safe. I just did that so you could see them in action.

Above the business card pocket there is a leather label with my logo on it as well.

Lastly, this is how the pants come, in a nice air sealed bag with a bunch of tags.

That pretty much does it. Again, feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions- definitely trying to make improve these things in any way possible! More info on pants here.

I am super proud of the shirt I am wearing in the photo- I wish I made it myself, but I am not that cool. My friend Benson over at The Imaginary Zebra designed it. You can snag one yours if you want right here => The Imaginary Zebra

I also got a new ring flash, a super affordable and mobile ring flash by DIY lighting kits. You need to have a tripod to use it- well you don’t have to have one- but it helps a lot. I don’t own a tripod so I just used a light stand. I also only own one camera, so I had to use a mirror to take a picture of my set up. I used this simple set up for all my product shots that you just saw above.

It’s pretty cool, you buy it, assemble it, and put a speedlite in the bottom and you are good to go. I am terrible at following directions and even I got it right.

Here is a front and back view of the unit full assembled and being fired.

I know it’s a little hard to see much, but you get the idea.

I will be on Warped Tour with… I don’t know who yet- but Ill be on for the follow dates. Come hang, I will have my Lens Bracelet™ bracelets on me.

Jun 24 Dallas, TX
Jun 25 Houston, TX
Jun 26 San Antonio , TX
Jun 29 Las Cruces, NM
Jun 30 Las Vegas, NV
Jul 01 Pomona, CA
Jul 02 Mountain View, CA
Jul 03 Ventura, CA Aug 09 San Diego, CA
Aug 10 Carson, CA
Aug 11 Marysville, CA
Aug 12 Nampa, ID
Aug 13 George, WA
Aug 14 Hillsboro, OR

I should have another big blog up before Warped, so check back!