Welcome Back The Ghost Inside

I have know these The Ghost Inside dudes forever. I think Andrew the longest. I photographed him in San Diego in his old band – they were called For The Fallen Dreams 

Andrew Is second from left in back.

I look up to Vigil a lot. I have always had a thing for singers cause… they are the most fun to photograph for me, as I always wanted to be one – and still do. I have decided against it however for the greater good of human kind. Also Vigil plays magic and used to live in San Diego so naturally I like anyone I can cast spells with. 

I’ve known of Zach longer than Zach has known of me, because I photographed him in his old band Too Pure Too Die when I was about 16 years old

Zach holding it down in WIsconsin

My point is I go way back with this band, and the people in it – and also the crew that works for them. Their front of house – Tissue, was on one of my first UK tour with A Day To Remember.

Anyway fast forward to 4 years ago. The ghost inside was involved in what is every bands nightmare. A bus crash. If you aren’t familiar with how touring works. It’s scary as shit. You drive while you sleep. Well, you don’t drive – but you are driven. If anyone who tours in a moving vehicle tells you they didn’t go to bed at least once, and at most every single night thinking they might not wake up in the morning – they are lying. Its a legit fear, driving is dangerous. And you know what, usually the bus wins in an accident. And I guess win isn’t a great word, cause someone is getting hurt, even if someone gets hurt less. I was in a small accident about six years ago with Asking Alexnadria where a SUV tried to cut us off and merge on the highway. The SUV was lucky to live. I barely felt it from my bunk. Their car was totalled and they almost died. Buses are strong, but when you collide head on with a semi truck – it’s not good. The drivers died rather quickly in this accident and the other ten were air lifted out. The next few years of their lives were difficult. What they went through is private and not my story to tell. I can tell the story of when they played their next show. Some people calling it their return, I don’t really think they ever left. They just had a bit of recharging to do.

I was in Montreal the day before with ADTR. I got invited to shoot this show along with some very talented individuals. Josiah Van Dien, who was nice enough to take a break from the wonderful Shawn Mendes to grant us the gift of his beautiful photographers. Jonathan Wiener, who doesn’t speak much with words but writes novels with his images. And the incredibly jolly and always joyful Hartley. He somehow made it over to the states from Australia and we just won’t let him go. They are all gifts to us, and I was happy to be among some of the best.

Anyway I went from airport, to rental car. To venue. Here is my visual recap of the night. I’ll let the photos take it from here. Words, at least my words – just can’t compare to images.  Thanks for having me, and thanks for coming back – we missed you dearly.

The Ghost Inside soundchecking

Vigil and drum tech
Love is beautiful
Family is beautiful
Before the set
Jim before right before heading on stage
I know those outlines
Came for the band, stayed for the fans
Jim Riley fo The Ghost Inside
Vigil of The Ghost Inside
I had to take a break to clean off her blood, from myself
One leg, still crushes it
Beautiful to see them up here again
Jim with some beuatiful words
Josiah and Jonathan and Hartley