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by Adam Elmakias

Atticus Guest Blog: How To Be A Polite Photographer On Someone Else’s Stage

Adam Elmakias here, San Diego based music photographer. I have been photographing bands both on and off the road for the better part of the past four years of my life. What started as a hobby quickly grew into a passion and now it has become my lifestyle.

I took a trip this weekend to photograph Breathe Carolina while they were in Vegas. The trip was awesome and the real bonus was they were playing two shows with Blink-182. I had listened to Blink when i was a kid, and seen them once in a venue with 10′s of thousands of people. This time the show would be in front of 2800 people, two nights in a row. Not an opportunity you get everyday and I wanted to take advantage of it, maybe even shoot it? I always get amazing photographs when I am with Breathe Carolina, that’s is almost a given, they are just fun to photograph.

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