Music Photography Blog

by Adam Elmakias

Home Sweet Home

I was born in California, June 25th 1989 to be exact. And I decided to move back there (here) about two weeks ago, bought a ticket about fifteen days ago, and moved here about two week ago. Pretty spur of the moment, but relative to the rest of my life, this move was actually a very planned decision. It’s pretty awesome out here, and I am going to miss my friends that are still stuck in the center of the United States…

They insisted on wearing all my old shirts I tried to sell way back when.
This whole blog post is pretty much just a bunch of random thoughts/things I have been up too, it lacks structure and form.

This is all the junk I brought with me to California, which also happens to be all the junk I own.

My mom got me some new shoes recently that I was pretty stoked about, she works at a shoe store, so she hooks me up!

This is what my old pair of shoes looked like.

I promise, there is a legit story behind my shoes.

Hear me out for a second here: Alright, I was at Bamboozle day two (see here for my schedule that day) and the clouds were relentless, constantly pouring rain out all over the festival grounds. Now that you have noted my schedule, you can understand why I didn’t have time to put my shoe laces back in. I took them out at about 11am to attempt and dry my shoes out with a hair dryer, it worked. It took so long to dry them, that I didn’t have time to put my laces back in so I just grabbed some zips. My shoes ended up getting soaked again in five minutes anyway. I haven”t really changed them and I plan on wearing these shoes on warped tour. Sorry mom (she reads this), I didn’t use the shoe laces you snuck into my moving box. Moving on…

I love my cats, I love all cats, I really love mine though, I miss them already. Tiger is the dark one, prince is the light one.

The Weather here rules

My backyard in Madison, Wisconsin

My cousin’s backyard in Manhattan Beach CA

Just to make y’all jealous, now that I live in California I get to have as much vitamin water as I want…check this out. I love vitamin water.

So far I have had a lot of fun kicking it with my man Jesse Barrera. I haven’t gotten a chance to photograph Jesse again yet, soon enough though! Well here is a shot of Mike getting tattooed at his house- it will have to do for now.

I shot a band called Miss May I a few days back. They were awesome dudes, straight outta high school and had never been to In-N-Out Burger before, I was stoked I got to take them for their first time.

I met the guys in All Time Low on tour a little over a year ago, and one of the first impressions I had of them was Alex going on stage in his towel.

They did some funny stuff back then, they still do it now, just on a whole different level. Check it out, a insert your best insult here contest – here. They used an image that I shot last month. A little before and after.

Here is the final product from that shoot for Glamour Kill’s AP ad that I shot at Bamboozle, a little more before and after.

About a month ago now I photographed All That Remains for an AP cover that comes out at the end of June, check out the behind the scenes images below.

Turns out Scary Kids Scaring Kids is practicing for Warped Tour in San Diego CA. Went over to their practice space today and photographed them, here is one of the shots.