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by Adam Elmakias

All Time Low DVD

If you are not familiar with the band All Time Low, I suggest watching this trailer, it’ll prepare/ put you in the right mindset for this blog. => View DVD trailer

I finished up the A Day To Remember European tour about a week before my run with All Time Low started in Chicago. My parents only live three hours from Chicago so I decided to fly out a few days early and visit them. My plans were foiled when I got a last minute shoot in Florida. Damn, this was a rough one. Here is what my schedule looked like. The 16th was a shoot in San Diego as well.

11/11 – Nuremberg, DE
11/12 – Cologne, DE
11/13 – Hamburg, DE
* Tour Ends *
11/14 – Hamburg, DE => San Diego, CA
11/16 – San Diego, CA
11/18 – San Diego, CA => Madison, WI
11/19 – Madison, WI => Orlando, FL
11/20 – Orlando, FL
11/21 – Orlando, FL => Madison, WI
Tour with All Time Low
11/23 – Chicago, IL

The goal for this tour was to snag a bunch of candid, live, and a few press images for All Time Low to use on their upcoming DVD release. They had Jonathan Bregel of Next Level Pictures out filming the whole tour for their DVD. I met Jon for a quick second once before at Bamboozle, but never really got to hang with him. Come this tour I really got to know him and we still keep in touch, he’s a good dude and I suggest checking out his work.

Date: November 23rd, 2009
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Venue: House Of Blues

My dad dropped me off in the basement of the Chicago House of Blues. The venue is a rough climb, six flights to the dressing rooms.

Shooting soundcheck is a waiting game. I usually make it out with one or two images after thirty minutes of shooting. Depending on how set up the stages lights are, it can be a very difficult job, or an easy one- it all depends.


Crew setting up for All Time Low’s soundcheck.
Zack soundchecking
Alex soundchecking, Jack’s hair making a guest appearance
This is Jonathan Bregel. I think I used his continuous LED light to light this. Although I am not for sure.

We had a room at the Sax Hotel, about a thirty second walk from the House Of Blue’s front door.


This was the view from our room.
Hey Monday
Rian warming up minutes before going on stage.

Meet Keith, All Time Low’s manager. I don’t know how this guy does it, they are a crazy group of guys. Props to him though.
First day, sold out.
Alex on stage

Alex not on the stage

After the show that night, we met, got all dressed up (some of more than others) and headed to Angels and Kings- a chain of bars that Pete Wentz, formerly of Fall Out Boy, opened up across the United States.


Meet Patrick Tracy, the band’s friend- he successfully made every other single person that night look lazy.
Bregel standing outside Angels and Kings

Date: November 24th, 2009
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Venue: House Of Blues

Early morning TV show!

Jack is absolutely obsessed with Home Alone, he watches it a few times a week. So after their TV show, Patrick drove Jack, Bregel and an hour from the venue to the original Home Alone house.


no caption needed
Then we headed to Pete’s parents place and snagged him. He showed us to the church from Home Alone.
Jack and Pete

The show that night was sold out as well, two in a row!

Date: November 25th, 2009
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Venue: The Myth

It was cold and windy, but that’s what Minneapolis is good at! The truck driver on this tour was a character but I can’t recall his name.

Walked with Jack and Rian to get some Panera Bread! My favorite, we also stopped at a candy shop per Jack’s request.

We went to Starkey, the biggest hearing aid company I have ever heard of. A few of the guys got their ears cleaned and then filled with some kind of gel that would hold the mold of their ear when it dried.


Doctor digging around with a tool and a small camera.
Here is what Alex is looking at, the camera in his ear’s view. Tool top left!
Alex passed his hearing test.
Jack with a mold in his ear.
Alex getting his filled.
The mold

Back to the venue. Someone in the band had me take a picture of our dressing room bathroom so he could design his new place the same way. I forget who it was though.


Here is the bathroom
Zack working out backstage
Jack showering after the show

Date: November 26th, 2009
Location:Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Venue: Day off, hotel



Woke up to hundreds of dollars in groceries covering the front lounge.

We had a total of three rooms split between a bunch of different bands. Every Avenue and Stereo Skyline stopped by for the day as well, I guess their tour was close. So many people, so much fun. I set up an Alien Bee with a softbox in the corner of the room and aimed it at the ceiling. I fired it with a wizard and it lit up the whole room nicely.


Evan showing Danny one of his images. That’s my Pocket Wizard.
Day off TV watching and resting
So many people
So much food
Dave of Every Avenue passed out after the feast

We went to a bar that night and celebrated together.

Date: November 27th, 2009
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Venue: The Eagles Ballroom

I use to drive up to this venue multiple times a month a few years back. Bregel did a few interviews on the top of the venue throughout the day. It was chilly and we were up five stories in the air.


Bregel filming Alex

Ian Planet, guitar tech for We The Kings. I met him while he was out with Envy On The Coast for his first tour a few years ago. Since then he has made his way through the ranks. I think his path went something like Envy On The Coast, The Audition, Hit The Lights, We The Kings, and he currently works for Train. I am not sure if I’ll see him around much anymore, but hopefully we will cross paths again.


Ian Planet

The owner of The Rave was nice enough to show us around the venue. It was really old and had a lot of underground passages and such. Here is an empty pool that is located in the basement right behind one of the dressing rooms.

Bregal skating the pool
Some kind of furnace room I think
Alex killin’ it


I think it was sold out, or somewhere close to 4000 kids that night.

Jack looking’ pretty epic. Lit with my 580ex from behind him. I was running all over the stage setting this thing up and then running back to the other side, I need to get two and set them to different channels. Or maybe twenty, that would be wild.

Zack about to jump. Lit with my 580ex.
Oh, you know, chillin’ in the shower room.

Date: November 28th, 2009
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Venue: Bogarts

Panera with some folk
Jack standing in a field walking distance from the venue. I didn’t add a vignette to this, it’s all natural baby!

Jeff Maker Lighting Director & Designer for All Time Low
Jeff Maker hard at work
Jack and Vinny hangin’ in the back lounge

Jack posing for the camera
Jack crawled in a cooler, Zack held him inside the cooler. I took advantage of the situation.
More Jack inside the cooler

I shot this by screwing my camera onto the top of my lightstand, holding it up, and extending it as far as it could go. After the show all the fans would crowd by the bus and security would have to fence everything off. After the band got cleaned off and decent, they would come out and sign for all their fans.

Remember that character of a truck driver?

Date: November 29th, 2009
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Venue: The Fillmore Theater

Maker setting up his lighting
Danny taking a break from guitar teching
We are at The Fillmore
Bregel filming
Fans waiting in the rain
Vinny got some Star Wars action figures
Behind the crowd
Behind the band

Date: November 30th, 2009
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Venue: Newport Music Hall

I saw someone get hit by a car while riding a bike in Ohio that morning, it was rough. Then I ate some Panera Bread. My friend Andrea baked me some awesome treats and took me to the mall in Columbus, it was a good break. We ate at Chick-Fil-A, sweet tea is where it’s at.


Rian soundchecking
Danny doing I don’t even know what

Long night
Chris V and Vinny- they are best pals. Both awesome merch guys and nice all around people.

Super Saiyan!
Evan at the soundboard during the show

I gave some guy by the bus a dollar and he did a backflip, I love backflips.

Date: December 1st, 2009
Location: Buffalo, New York
Venue: Club Infinity

Jack killin’ it

Smaller venue, crowd broke a wall.
Rian checking his computer

Date: December 2nd, 2009
Location: New York City, New York
Venue: hotel, day off

We had a day off in NY, stayed at a hotel a few blocks from Times Square.


Bregel filming New York City

That night we went to Morton’s Steak house, I have never eaten so much in my life, it was so good. I wish I could afford to go there everyday of my life. We headed to a bar to meet up with The Bigger Lights guys and hang out. The bar had a mechanical bull in the middle of it.The guy running the thing knocked me out on my first run. He did some kind of motion and I got smacked in the face so hard I didn’t know what happened. I hopped on and did a little better, rough times for my head. But I got a free beer!


Date: December 3rd, 2009
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Venue: House Of Blues

Vinny in front of Fenway Park.

I had a shoot with the guys scheduled for that day. I scouted some locations around the venue and used Bregel as my model for testing light.

Rian and Matt goofing around
Zack lifting me over his head

Bregel filming in the back lounge
Long line!
All Time Low minutes before their set
Jack flipping me off
Alex ran around the crowd and stood up in the light/sound board area and played.

Date: December 4th, 2009
Location: New York City, New York
Venue: The Hammerstein Ballroom

This was the big day, where they were filming the live portion of their DVD. They had something like eight cameras, a jib and a few Steadicams. Fun stuff to watch. The venue was beautiful, I think it held 3000…but I’m sure they squeezed a few more in for this show.


Danny tuning guitars
Andrew of The Friday Night Boys
Lots of lights for this show

Gotta look the best!

Bregel filming a quick announcement video for We The Kings
A few minutes before the band went on stage
I had to stay off the stage for filming purposes
Show time!

All Time Low had a guy with an Escalade shuttle us to and from Angels and Kings that night. Free ride woohoo. It was packed, but fun none the less!

Date: December 5th, 2009
Location: Albany, New York
Venue: Northern Lights

I had a quick shoot for Glamour Kills in the AM. Set up a backdrop in the bar area and…


Shots shots shots shots shots shots
shots shots shots shots shots
shots shots shots shots shots
everybody (x2).
I thought it was funny, but really, we shot in the bar area.


Here is how one of the shots from the shoot was put to use.

Matt goofing around
Bregel and I testing out some lighting
Kyle on the left works for Glamour Kills. Courtney, on right, did merch for them on this tour.

Here was the set up for the last three images.

It was their tour managers birthday that day, they had some weird Mickey Mouse thing come and entertain him, it was insane. Very scary!

Date: December 6th, 2009
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Venue: The Electric Factory

Last day of tour. Everyone was ready to be done. We ate three different cheesesteaks throughout the day, each one from a different famous restaurant. I thought I was going to puke, I decided I didn’t really like cheesesteaks by the end of the day.




Funniest group of protestors I have ever seen. The only group I have ever seen protest an All Time Low show. Bugs me how some people just waste their skin. Oh well, it was a good laugh!

For the last show, the All Time Low guys thew about 950 bras on stage while We The Kings was playing. They had collected all the bras that were thrown on stage each day during the show, and stored them in the back of the semi.

Last, but not least. This is Nano, the other half of All Time Low‘s management team.

A few months later, All Time Low held a DVD release party in Los Angeles at the Henry Fonda theater. It was really fun, we got to preview the finished DVD, drink free drinks, and hang out with a bunch of good people.


Bregel and I outside of the theatre

My friend Mitchell Wojcik ran the photo booth that night, it ruled.


Paulo Dourado thinks I look like one of the guys from Phineas and Ferb in the following image (guess which one). I can’t really argue with him on this one.

I know these are just a few photos of only me from the party, but I figured it made sense for this blog. If you want to see more images of other folk, scope these albums. album 1 :: album 2 :: album 3

Final DVD packaging

Regular DVD up front, deluxe DVD in back.

The interior of the Deluxe DVD had over twenty pages packed with images shot on the tour. On the DVD itself the images were used for the home page, chapters, etc.

Some examples of the images being put to use, keep in mind some have been edited for design purposes by designers.

All Time Low has been really good to me over the past few years. I am not sure if I will be working with them anymore, but who knows? Keeping my fingers crossed.