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by Adam Elmakias

A Music Photography Magazine is here!

We made A Music Photography Magazine, it will be the first of many. I am going to talk a lot about what went into making it, but if you just want the magazine – go here and to pick up a copy. You can be a part of the next on if you want to be, submit your info here and keep an eye out for the instagram contest. 

 Alright now if you are still with me, I want to talk about it a bit more. The whole process was so much fun. From gathering everyones info, to compiling it all together for print and being able to hold it in my hands. I love it. 

What is A Music Photography Magazine?

Music Photography Magazine

The Final product is 59 different spreads (121 pages total)  in the following layout, on the left we have a image selected by the photogrpaher. This is important, because the image is special to the photographer.  I didn’t choose it, they picked it. Nothing more to it. 

A Music Photography Magazine
A Music Photography Magazine interior

On the right we have the title/ subject and camera info below. Sometimes its nice to see how other artists create their vision

A Music Photography Magazine
A Music Photography Magazine camera info

And my favorite part – the handwritten caption. Everyone wrote their own caption.  Yea it was a lot of work to put together but I love organizing information so I happily spent a few days putting it all together nicely. 

A Music Photography Magazine
A Music Photography Magazine handwritten caption

One Of My Favorite Feelings

One of my favorite feelings I have ever had was the first time I got published in a magazine. Not an exaggeration I ran from my place to Borders Book store in Madison Wisconsin every day after  school for two weeks trying to find my image. I remember the day I got the magazine, oh man. I thought I was the coolest kid in town.

I put that bad boy in my backpack and took it with me to 11th grade. I think this was in my roller blade to school while wearing girl pants and then switch into Ugg slippers for the day phase. I showed my teachers, showed my friends, showed my family, and showed myself , over and over. I felt like I was invincible – and it encouraged me to continue with my photography. This was the first time I did something, that other people thought was cool. It was insane.

My goal for this magazine is to create that for other people. I want to be your spark, I want to help you move forward. This magazine has a lot of people in it who have been published for years of their life, but it also has just as many who have been published very few times – if not at all.

Heck I have had hundreds of images put to use in print, and I am still stoked for my one image in this magazine – because it is one of my favorite images. As a photographer you don’t get to do that very often. It is also very rare that you get to tell your story behind an image with words in print. It is usually used by whoever you are working for to tell their story. I am happy we got to switch it up. 

Community Is Crucial 

Community is key to success is so many parts of life. A crucial component my selfish self may have overlooked for years and still manages to sometime forget about now and again. However I think this project stresses just how much is possible when you take your friends and hold them up. None of us could have done this without each other.

When I first started photography it was a giant competition in my eyes. I assumed it was the same in everyone else’s. I am not sure if it was a product of my childhood, my personality or just how I had done everything else in life – of maybe a combination of it all. But whatever it was, it drove me. It drove me forward, helped me be better, helped me do more and helped me sleep less.

I am thankful for the drive but also would like to acknowledge that when it started to feed my jealously or an idea that whatever I was doing, just wasn’t enough, I knew I had to change. The path is everything as I will never reach my destination until I stop breathing and one of the most enjoyable parts of the journey is cheering on all your friends right there with you. It took me a few years and a lot of thinking to really warp my mindset, but I am happy we are here and I hope y’all can join me.

I don’t get to hang with my friends that often, but when I do, they always make me smile.

The Music Photographers

The music photographers in this magazine are all very talented and genuine people. A lethal combo I am quite comfortable to brag about having. I am probably more excited then them to share their photographs with the world. Which isn’t to say they are not excited… I am just reeaaally excited.  Some published before, some unpublished – but beautiful work across the board.

Friends – Some of the photographers are my friends, I have met them on the road, at my job, through the internet on flickr/ Tumblr/ twitter/ myspace (we go way back) instagram etc.

New Friends – Some of the photographers were picked through a contest on instagram. I didn’t pick it on anything other then their photograph. Age was not a factor, gender was not considered, where you come from, where you have been or how expensive your camera is – none of this matters to me. I just care about your work, and I want to hear what you have to say about it. We have people from all over the world, of all ages, and all walks of life. It is so beautiful. I love it. This is not a cool group and I hope we don’t make you feel like you can’t be a part of it- you can. 

Here are all the photographers involved and the links to their website/ or instagram. It is in alphabetical order. I am not a egomaniac or whatever the term would be. 

Adam Elmakias

Alexey Makhov

Amber James

Anna Lee

Ashley Osborn

Austen Berens

Ben Gibson

Beth Saravo

Brad Heaton

Brad Moore

Brendan Donahue

Carly Hoskins

Carmin Edwards

Christian Sarkine

Christian Tierney

Christie Goodwin

Conor McDonnell

Daniel Boud

Daniel Rojas

David Jackson

Diana Seifert

Drew Ressler

Dusty Kessler

Elliott Ingham

Jacob Chamseddine

Javier Bragado

Jessie McCall

Jordan Hefler

Kane Hibberd

Kelly Mason

Kyle Kenehan

Madie Ramser

Maggie Friedman

Matthew DeFeo

Matty Vogel

Max Fairclough

Nathan Sheppard

Nick Mahar

Patrick Moran

Paul Harries

Robert Oritz

Steve Brazill

Steve Thrasher

Thomas Eger

Thomas Falcone

Todd Owyoung

Zoe Rain

Also! Band Friends 

I promised I wouldn’t sell the magazine with their name, so you will just have to wait and see whose images are in it once you get it. But I did invite some of my friends in bands to be a part of the project. 

Buy Issue #1 of A Music Photography Magazine 

Well. I guess that is all I got. If you have any questions, as always – just hit me up. Thanks again and I will leave you with my favorite song of 2018. Ta da.