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by Adam Elmakias

Music Photographer Intern Contest #2

Well. This is short notice. But I believe in you. It is time for another Music Photographer Intern Contest! Or your chance to be a music photographer for a day (well a night). I did it last year with about 2 weeks notice, this year I am giving you 2 days. It was successful last year, look how happy we all look together.

Music Photographer Intern Contest
Music Photographer Intern Contest
Music Photographer Intern Contest
Music Photographer Intern Contest
Music Photographer Intern Contest

These are the dates I need people for.

Jan 25th – Barclay Card Arena, Birmingham, UK
Jan 27th – Wembley, UK
Jan 28th – Leeds, UK


You will be shooting from the front of the house for me – and creating images like these.


Sigma was nice enough to sponsor me this year and because of them, we have a wonderful 10-pound lens – the 120-300mm f/2.8 that you will be shooting with. In real life, it is bigger than it is in this photo. I would say about 14 times larger than this. It is basically the size of your leg from your knee to your foot.


I also do let you shoot a little bit for yourself so you have some images to take home with you. This is all pretty much copy and pastes from last year, as it is essentially the same concept only with a different band.

You do not need a ticket to the show- however, if you do want to watch the show and not miss any of it- this might not be for you. I will be putting you to work! You will be able to see the concert while you shoot, however, don’t get too distracted… we need some good photos!

Qualifications for the Music Photographer Intern Contest

• You do not need to own a camera – I will be providing this to you.
• You must know how to use a DSLR in manual mode (or be able to learn very quickly, challenge yourself, you can do it, I’ll help you)
• You must own a pair of all-black clothes (or go buy a pair)
• Have a mobile phone that doesn’t suck so when you get to the venue we can communicate
• You must transport yourself to and from the venue
• You must be able to transport yourself around the venue
• You must smile a lot and a have a great attitude towards working
• No age limit (however if you are under the age of 18 I will need to speak with a parent to make sure they are O.K. with it!)

This is not a paid job. You are going to act as an extension of me, the images you capture you will not own.

Here is what I will be providing you with
• 15 minutes of one-on-one training (with me)
• Tour of the venue
• Advice on how to photograph the concert and get the shots we need
• 90 minutes of concert shooting
• A critique of your images after the show
Here is what you be providing me with
• A night’s worth of your time

Just to keep things clear… you will not be meeting the band. This is hard work, but you will learn a lot and have an amazing time.

Alright here is how you enter for the Music Photographer Intern Contest. Post this photo on Instagram and do the following.

Music Photographer Intern Contest

Good luck and I can’t wait to meet you guys… very soon… I have to pack… I leave tomorrow.