Thank You For Supporting My Magazine

Thank you guys so much for supporting me. I can’t find anymore ways of thanking you with my words that do not sound cliche. But really, thank you. It is cool to have so many of you along for the ride.


This is one of my first photography-based products I have created. Sure – DVDs, shirts, necklaces and merch were all nice. I guess prints are photography related but… they aren’t really a *product* now are they- I just upload them and that is all there is to it. This magazine, it took me a year of traveling/photographing to gather the images and then another few months to create. I am really proud of it and happy to call it my own.


I was so excited after creating this to send it to all of my friends. I didn’t tell anyone I was making it ahead of time, just did it- because I wanted to. I was very happy yo hear what they all had to say.

Jack Barakat of All Time Low (@jackalltimelow)
Jack Barakat of All Time Low (@jackalltimelow)

If there is one thing I have learned this past year, it is how to put some time into my projects. If you are going to do something- do it right. This doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement or that there won’t be any mistakes the first time around- it just means putting your all into it. Don’t slack, don’t cut corners. Put your all into everything you want to call your own.

We got so many orders I had to hire some friends and go to my assistant’s house to help him pack them. I love packing everything, I would do every order if my time would permit but it simply doesn’t. While we were preparing orders I would mess up and accidentally smudge some ink while signing. To me this means we have to throw the magazine away (or save it for a friend who won’t care). One of the people helping me reacted and told me I was such a perfectionist and I shouldn’t worry about smudges. Initially my reaction was to be defensive- perfectionist? Me! How dare you bro. But in reality I was happy. I was so happy my devotion to making such a nice product was getting noticed. I always feel that even if I put my 200% into something it somehow comes off looking half-assed.



Then to see you guys receiving them as gifts for the holidays or presents from your best friends- or just buying them yourselves. That was awesome. Photos were popping up everyday. I tried to wrangle as many of them as I could- here they are. Seriously thank you so much.


I also did a small meet up and signing in San Diego. Thanks for coming to that. Meeting you guys and sharing stories is my favorite. I am hoping to do more in the future!

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The next issue of Your Music Photographer Magazine will be out May or June. Keep an eye out on my socials, I will do a good job of announcing it.