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by Adam Elmakias

Cover Shoot Uncovered

The Cover

The Setup

Alright, this is only the birds eye view, so I’ll start up top and go to the bottom and explain everything.

The top two bare strobes are about 4 feet off the ground and shot towards the floor right by the subjects’ legs. The two umbrellas are about 10 feet in the air, and angled down towards the subjects shoulders. The umbrella on the right had a giant flag, about 12 feet by 14 feet hung up to behind it to kill any spill on the pillar in the background. The top most beauty dish is aimed almost straight down and has a diffuser on it. There is a flag placed in between this dish and the front most dish. The front dish is bare, and shot just at the frontman.

The soft box in front was at about floor level and aimed a little it up at the subjects legs.
I shot this with a telephoto lens from across the room to make them look as close together as possible. I think my camera was set at about ISO500 to make sure there was some ambient in the shot behind the models.

Any questions?