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by Adam Elmakias

Breathe Carolina Alternative Press magazine cover

I photographed Breathe Carolina a few months ago in LA. Our first location was a Danny Worsnop’s place in LA and our second was The Forge in LA. What was supposed to be a 4 hour shoot got cut down to about two hours because of some last minute problems that were beyond out control. Anyway, here is what we pulled away with. The cover shot actually took us a total of five minutes, because we weren’t originally going to us it for the cover. However, sometimes in shoots it takes awhile for people to get warmed up to the camera and you don’t connect that solid shot until you are an hour in.

I arrived a few hours early with my friend Brandon to test the lights and get our locations figured out. I had been to the house before, but had not had a chance to scout out my exact locations. Brandon and I walked around and took some natural light shots in different areas of the house.

couch location, corgi overload
dinning room location
mirror location
seeing if I can hide myself in reflection

I shot Brandon with lights at each location at well, just to get a feel for how to light it and where to place the band when they arrived.

couch location lighting
outtake from mirror location

We ended up just shooting the two locations and then quick driving to The Forge. We shot three locations at the studio. The skull wall, the cyc wall and the taxi. None of the shots from the cyc wall came out too great. It’s hard to pose a fun ass band on a grey backdrop. We quickly switched it up once we noticed things weren’t working and shot at some other locations. The skull wall served as a background for some simple relaxed shot, and the bright taxi really brought out how fun these dudes are.

used continuous light for this
Cab location outtake

Here are the final images:

Alternative Press cover
Index pages
start of article
Skull wall
live images from Europe

Any questions?