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by Adam Elmakias

All Time Low Nothing Personal Album Photos

A few days ago I had a shoot with All Time Low for their new album’s press images. I really like the shots and can’t wait to post them. However they are not edited/released yet, so behind the scenes images will have to do for now.

We did the shoot at the All State Arena, right outside of Chicago in Rosemont, Illinois. I only had a few spots to choose from to shoot that were inside of the venue. I would usually do most of the shoot outside or around the venue, however it was very windy that day. Once you get to shooting larger bands, anywhere you go in public kids/fans try to get really close to them and…I have no idea what they want to do once they actually get close to them now that I think about it. Maybe hug them? I have only seen everything up to the imagined hug – screaming, yelling, etc etc. Hopefully just hug them.

Anyway, so we are shooting inside/backstage in either their dressing room, or the production office. I guess we couldn’t even shoot throughout the majority of the venue because you have to pay the union first in order to do so – I am too thrifty for such nonsense, and I mean that in the least conceited way, merely stating the fact. I chose to go with the production office because it had a big shower room that fit perfectly for this band.

The second location was in the actual production office, on some lone comfy ass leather chair.

Now for the third location, I had to cave and make the guys go outside- there was no where else to shoot! We ended up shooting in the loading dock, where most kids couldn’t see us. A few picked up on it, luckily officers, like Frederick (below) kept them away.

Here is what the location looked like from far away, you can see the arena in the back.

I was not originally planning on it, but I decided to stick around for the show and grab some shots of the guys hanging out and playing. The headlining band (Fall Out Boy), is from the Chicago area, so this was a sold out show- 13,000 screaming kids in total, mind blasting to the fullest extent.

Jack going in the crowd
Hands up!!!

p.s. Russell Peters is mind blasting.