Music Photography Blog

by Adam Elmakias

Pierce The Veil – Collide With The Sky photoshoot

I photographed Pierce The Veil for their 2012 release “Collide With The Sky”. Basically we shot all the images that would be used for general press having to do with their album. So think posters, flyers, ads, magazine features etc etc. Most magazines use exclusive shoots for their features and covers… but some have smaller budgets so they just use the general press. We knocked all these looks out in one day, 10am – 8pm in San Diego. We shot about twice as many final images as shown below, however a bunch didn’t make the cut. Here are all the images we ended up using and some examples of where they were used.

Location #1 :: Living room studio

flyer for UK tour

hot topic t-shirt

Lyric booklet included in every copy of Collide With The Sky

Location #2 :: Backyard

This location was scrapped all together

Location #3 :: Skate Park


Magazine Cover

Location #4 :: Wall

Location #5 :: Bridge