Music Photographer Intern Contest

I am not sure who is going to be more excited that I am allowed to do this- but I can tell you this- I am pretty damn excited. All Time Low has granted me permission to have an intern on tour! Well, kinda on tour… you can be a Music Photographer for a night with me. I have a few shows coming up in the UK with All Time Low and I need one person, per show for the following dates.

  • Feb 10th in Cardiff at Motorpoint Arena
  • Feb 11th in London at The O2
  • Feb 12th in Manchester at Manchester Arena
  • Feb 13th in Birmingham at Barclaycard Arena
  • Feb 15th in Glasgow at The SSE Hydro

*Please note I do not need someone for Feb 16th in Dublin

You will act as a second shooter for me for the whole concert, helping me reach areas I just can’t reach on my own in the amount of time allotted. These are some big venues! Here are my photos from The Future Hearts Tour we did last year at these venues. These are the kinds of photos you will be taking.

i-nK5jD22-X3 i-WQ2t22h-X3 i-zTc92Dd-X3

I like to teach. I want to teach you. If this sounds like something you want to do, please see the specifics below and keep reading for directions on how to enter the contest. I think half of the people submitting usually mess it up before they even have had a chance simply because they are unable to follow directions. Don’t be one of those people!

You do not need a ticket to the show- however if you do want to watch the show and not miss any of it- this might not be for you. I will be putting you to work! You will be able to see the concert while you shoot, however don’t get too distracted… we need some good photos!


  • You do not need to own a camera (however if you do, please write your gear in caption)
  • You must know how to use a DSLR in manual mode (or be able to learn very quickly, challenge yourself, you can do it, I’ll help you)
  • You must own a pair of all black clothes (or go buy a pair)
  • You must transport yourself to and from the venue
  • You must be able to transport yourself around the venue
  • You must smile a lot and a have a great attitude towards working
  • No age limit (however if you are under the age of 18 I will need to speak with your parent to make sure they are O.K. with it!)

We are doing what is called tradework- we are trading our work! This is not a paid job. 

Here is what I will be providing you with

  • A FREE Thinktank Turnstyle 10 bag
  • 15 minutes of one-on-one training (with me)
  • Tour of the venue
  • Advice on how to photograph the concert and get the shots we need
  • 90 minutes of concert shooting
  • A critique of your images after the show

Here is what you be providing me with

  • A night’s worth of your time
  • Five RAW images at the end of the night

Just to keep things clear… you will not be meeting the band. This is hard work, but you will learn a lot and have an amazing time. I am good vibes 25 hours a day, 56 days a week.

Now, how to enter. Super easy!

Make a post on Instagram with this photo :


  1. Hashtag – #AnyoneCanBeAPhotographer
  2. Tag – @elmakias and @thinktankphoto
  3. Gear– If you do have gear, please write what Camera/Lenses you can bring with you.
  4. CaptionThe very first thing you post should say is the date(s) you can attend! Then tell me why you think this would be a solid opportunity for you. Maybe it just seems fun, maybe it is what you are studying at Uni- or maybe you just have a camera you want put to use. Whatever the reason, it’s good enough to at least give this a try. It can’t hurt.ATL_BTTFH_UKAdmat-GC_ATC-lo

I’ll announce the winners by contacting them through DM. So make sure you check your messages. There will not be any public announcement of the winners – so no need to email me personally asking if you have won. Cool beans?

Good luck! I can’t wait to meet the lucky five of you soon!

POSTED BY Adam Elmakias

Adam Elmakias is a music photographer based out of San Diego, California. He spends most of his time doing stuff with cameras. Adam wrote this himself, not someone else. I am Adam.

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    Typically being a second shooter, the person you’re shooting for(Adam) is the owner of the photo and you do not get to use them in a portfolio nor sell them. If he posts them online the most you can do is share it and tell people you took it but Adam has all rights to the images

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