Music Photographer Intern Contest #2

Well. This is short notice. But I believe in you. It is intern contest time again. Or your chance to be a music photographer for a day (well a night). I did it last year with about 2 weeks notice, this year I am giving you 2 days. It was successful last year, look how happy we all look together.

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These are the dates I need people for.

Jan 25th – Barclay Card Arena, Birmingham, UK
Jan 27th – Wembley, UK
Jan 28th – Leeds, UK



You will be shooting from front of house for me – and creating images like these.

img_2637-770x446 img_2516-770x313 img_1886-770x480

Sigma was nice enough to sponsor me this year and because of them we have a wonderful 10 pound lens – the 120-300mm f/2.8 that you will be shooting with. In real life it is bigger than it is in this photo. I would say about 14 times larger than this. It is basically the size of your leg from your knee to your foot.


I also do let you shoot a little bit for yourself so you have some images to take home with you. This is all pretty much copy and paste from last year, as it is essentially the same concept only with a different band.

You do not need a ticket to the show- however if you do want to watch the show and not miss any of it- this might not be for you. I will be putting you to work! You will be able to see the concert while you shoot, however don’t get too distracted… we need some good photos!

• You do not need to own a camera – I will be providing this to you.
• You must know how to use a DSLR in manual mode (or be able to learn very quickly, challenge yourself, you can do it, I’ll help you)
• You must own a pair of all black clothes (or go buy a pair)
• Have a mobile phone that doesn’t suck so when you get to the venue we can communicate
• You must transport yourself to and from the venue
• You must be able to transport yourself around the venue
• You must smile a lot and a have a great attitude towards working
• No age limit (however if you are under the age of 18 I will need to speak with your parent to make sure they are O.K. with it!)

This is not a paid job. You are going to act as an extension of me, the images you capture you will not own.
Here is what I will be providing you with
• 15 minutes of one-on-one training (with me)
• Tour of the venue
• Advice on how to photograph the concert and get the shots we need
• 90 minutes of concert shooting
• A critique of your images after the show
Here is what you be providing me with
• A night’s worth of your time

Just to keep things clear… you will not be meeting the band. This is hard work, but you will learn a lot and have an amazing time.

Alright here is how you enter. Post this photo on Instagram and do the following.


1. Hashtag – #beAphotographer
2. Tag – @bAphotographer @elmakias and @sigmaphoto
3. Gear– If you do have gear, please write what Camera/Lenses you can bring with you. However I will be providing it as well.
4. Caption – The very first thing you post should say is the date(s) you can attend! Then tell me why you think this would be a solid opportunity for you. Maybe it just seems fun, maybe it is what you are studying at Uni- or maybe you just have a camera you want put to use. Whatever the reason, it’s good enough to at least give this a try. It can’t hurt.
5. I’ll announce the winners by contacting them through DM. So make sure you check your messages. There will not be any public announcement of the winners – so no need to email me personally asking if you have won. Cool beans?

Good luck and can’t wait to meet you guys… very soon… I have to pack… I leave tomorrow.

POSTED BY Adam Elmakias

Adam Elmakias is a music photographer based out of San Diego, California. He spends most of his time doing stuff with cameras. Adam wrote this himself, not someone else. I am Adam.

  • Marisa Worrell

    It’d be not only a dream to photograph with you but of my favorite band A Day To Remember. But I live in the US. U0001f62d

  • Fatima Barrientos

    I wish that was me, but I dont even live in usa 🙁

  • Mary Jane Cole

    Lost me at “the images will not be your own”U0001f62d super cool opportunity for someone who doesn’t mind this though

  • Tori Hyland

    Lucinda Goodwin in the uk, but a bit concerning that you lose image rights

  • Lindsay Davis

    Then you should understand what it means to be a second shooter in the photo industry then. Also it clearly says you will have photos for your own use as well.

  • Lindsay Davis

    Before people get all bent, if you work in the photo industry then you should understand what being a second shooter entails. Also, it clearly states you will be allowed some of the images. You are interning, meaning learning and are on assignment to capture specific shots for a primary shooter. This isn’t something uncommon.

  • Kayti Swoveland

    Kimberly Massa hey if you can get to the U.K. in two days… U0001f602

  • Kenzie Jeffers

    Mommy!!!! Melissa Henderson

  • Dayna Carter

    TFW you wanna enter this but live in Aus 🙁 Sofia Crittle

  • Mary Jane Cole

    Lindsay Davis I have been shooting for 5+ years and never have I seen second shooting entail giving up copyright to the images you shoot. If this works for people that’s fine 🙂 it’s not to others and that’s fine too 🙂

  • Rob Jackson

    Sophie Jackson get on it !

  • Bev Verney

    Rosie Verney applying? X

  • Zeke Christian Perry

    I think this is a fantastic opportunity! I love taking pictures and have always wanted to see what it’s like and exactly how to get such stunning shots of a show. Best of luck to those who are entering, go get ’em!

  • Adam Elmakias Photography

    Thanks Lindsay. Essentially I am replacing what I usually shoot with a remote control. I don’t necessarily need an assistant, I can do this all on my own, I just do it so that someone can learn and experience a concert for the first time that otherwise might not. The reason I can’t give copyright is because… well this isn’t my band, I can’t hire other photographers to shoot the band I work for- its not even my right to do. Thanks for helping me out, if anyone is deterred by that part of it, then they are probably overqualified for this job and that is what it is meant to to- steer them away. Thanks for helping me out here and clearing that up.

  • Emily Goodwin

    If I was chosen for this I would cry. And then I would meet Adam and I would cry again. And then I would see ADTR and I would cry even more ❤

  • Lucinda Goodwin

    Year nah Tori Hyland don’t be booking tickets to get over there, we will snap up a storm at laneway U0001f609

  • Martina Seemann

    Oh man I really wanna do this so badly. I wanna be a photographer especially for concerts. This is one of my biggest dreams but it’s too far away. I don’t have any clue at all how to get there from Germany. But I’m happy for everyone who gets the opportunity to do this

  • Løuann Røux

    I was always been fascinated by the photography, and without lying, it’s you Adam who tempted me to become a music photographer. Your photos make dream and it is magnificent. I would have so much wanted to participate in that with you but, I live in France and I am only 16 years old unfortunately. Next time I hope.

  • Lucy Kingsford

    This is literally the most amazing opportunity ever! I’ve already got a bit of experience shooting concerts though so I doubt I’ll be chosen U0001f629

  • Manoela Lemos

    Alexandre, r u in England?

  • Jessica Campbell

    Can this ever be Australian :[

  • Jovana Joksimović

    Tamara Samardžić 😀

  • Tamrawrr May Lewis

    U0001f60dU0001f60d now this is an amazing opportunity!! U0001f60dU0001f60d

  • Sofía Moreira

    Ohhh, I wish I live in the UK and not in UruguayU0001f62d

  • Tamara Samardžić

    U0001f60d ali opet samo UK datumi U0001f625

  • Jovana Joksimović

    U0001f62d sucks.. Drugi put onda 😀

  • Joeri Swerts

    how much I do appreciate your work, it’s weird if you are going to ‘use’ people
    “This is not a paid job. You are going to act as an extension of me, the images you capture you will not own.”

  • Karoline Schaefer

    Seriously is that what the rules are saying? I am okayish about the paying part, but the image rights? Pretty much means he is gonna put his name on your pictures?! I dunno… I get his point but that’s not how it should be…

  • Karoline Schaefer

    Julia, London 😉
    Wobei das mit dem Bildrechten absolut daneben ist.

  • husee

    is it necessary to live in the UK? I live in Hungary and i could easily travel there.

  • Lindsay Davis

    I think it’s a great opportunity for people to learn, especially with that lens! I really wish we could hold a live/learn session to clarify to some of the newer photographers what copyrights are, usage rights, second shooting etc is. I think too many people pick up a camera and think that’s it. Good luck Adam. You’re an awesome role model to a lot of the kids wanting to get into shooting. Stay safe!

  • Lirio Ramirez

    I’ve been wanting to enter these contests but I live in Miami U0001f62d

  • Melissa Henderson

    This is awesome,but I can’t transport you to the U.K. U0001f616

  • elarachristie

    I can’t recommend this more! It’s an opportunity of a lifetime and definitely worth taking some time out of your day to complete. Adam is an amazing guy and I’ve learnt a lot this past year due to my internship back in February, as well as it opening a lot of doors for you in the future. I can’t wait to see the images the new interns produce- Good luck!

  • Ashley Lyons

    Will you do more things like this in the US in the upcoming year? Huge opportunity for aspiring music photographers like myself. Much love Adam!

  • Cami Cojocarescu

    He’s not using people. He’s giving someone the opportunity to learn and practice. And maybe an opportunity of a lifetime. And yes, he’s going to put his name on your pictures. It’s called second shooting. Wedding photographers do that all the time. If you read the entire thing you will see that he also said this… “I also do let you shoot a little bit for yourself so you have some images to take home with you.”
    Thank you Adam Elmakias Photography for doing this. Maybe some day you will do it in the US. I’m not a kid but love taking concert pics and this would be an awesome opportunity.

  • Alexandre Ardigo

    Nooo! Still in the Republic of Curitiba :/

  • Natalie Fulcher

    Carla Deas get yourself forward for this!! Just down the road! Photography and NFG together! You would love it!!

  • Natalie Fulcher

    Carla Deas do it!!!!!

  • June Collins

    go on Carla go for it !!! X

  • Letizia Caruso

    Monica Sergio boiz

  • Ariel May

    Why must it be in the U.K.? 🙁 This is just an amazing experience, and I know whoever gets to do it will cherish that night forever. Cassidy DiNozzo Donahue

  • Abbi Nicole

    Bethan Miller for you?

  • Karoline Schaefer

    I am not saying he’s using people. If you agree to the terms you know what you get.
    Somebody else’s name on my pics, even if it’s his gear and he got me into the show, is a no go though. And to me that’s a thing of respect and about knowing where you ones started/came from.
    It might be common at some places and I get his point of ‘this person is replacing remote shooting’ but still it’s not okay naming your pics his.
    And yeah, the ‘also let you shoot’ for yourself thingy is questionable since it didn’t say if you can use his lenses and stuff… If you can – hell yeha that’s cool because those are a few k.
    It’s a chance to take for those who don’t know how this business work and who would never get to shoot ADTR without him. That’s for sure. And it’s going to be fun, I don’t doubt that. But there’s issues a photographer who takes him/herself serious shouldn’t agree on… Giving away your rights for the pics, your creativity, your amazing pics… No. I am out.
    Sorry I am not a native English speaker. I get his point and it is going to work out just fine for the ‘winner’. I myself respect Adam and love his work and get his point but yeah, as said, it wouldn’t work for me.

  • Bethan Miller

    Watching ’em now – otherwise I woulda done it! Thanks tho gal

  • Julia Strücker

    haha, hab echt überlegt.. vielleicht mach ich es auch noch.. aber versteh ich das dann richtig, dass die Bilder dann IHM gehören und nicht mir!? 😀 geil 😀

  • Karoline Schaefer

    Ja und er macht dein Logo auf deine Fotos die du mit seiner Cam vom FOH gemacht hast. Aber du darfst deinen eigenen Cam-Kram mitbringen und für dich nutzen. Mir würde der erste Teil schwer aufstoßen aber davon ab… Kein 3SNF… Why Not.

  • Monica Bo-bò Dalmasso

    Non sono in Inghilterra U0001f614

  • Letizia Caruso

    potresti prendere un aereo

  • Monica Bo-bò Dalmasso

    Come no ahah e poi sarebbe per i concerti di fine gennaio e io quello degli adtr ce l’ho a inizio febbraio qui, quindi non la vedo bene ahah

  • Kimberly Massa

    Ugh if only school didn’t exist!

  • Renate Ieu

    Please try to make this work overseas too sometime. Really hoped to have a shot at the tilburg gig 🙁

  • Miguel Kurosaki

    If you ever come to Chicago, make something similar please

  • Cassidy DiNozzo Donahue

    That would be so dope! I hope one day he brings that contest over here!!

  • Ariel May

    I hope so! That would be so awesome

  • Nathan Heffernan

    Well you didn’t rights grab in your previous competition?

  • Adam Elmakias Photography

    Nathan Heffernan correct

  • Adam Elmakias Photography

    maybe in future!!

  • Adam Elmakias Photography

    maybe in future we can figure i tout!

  • Adam Elmakias Photography

    thanks Mary, yes I think that if someone minds this, then they are probably a bit overqualified for the job, just looking for people who are trying to get started and learn! Appreciate your kind words

  • Tamrawrr May Lewis

    It is a hard industry to get into so for someone who is starting out this is perfect U0001f44c

  • Nathan Heffernan

    Adam Elmakias Photography then why would the rights of images change between this competition and the previous one?

  • Arica AJ Waters

    I completely agree with you Mary.

  • Lindsay Davis

    Nathan Heffernan is musicology paying for everything that is contributed now? No? Then why even question Adam…

  • Nathan Heffernan

    I’m not discussing the payments of the images here, he clearly states they won’t get paid. I’m talking about the rights of the images. I own all rights to my images I take for musicology.

  • Lindsay Davis

    Nathan Heffernan do you do wedding photography Nathan or second shooting of any kind in the world of photography outside of music?

  • Lindsay Davis

    And I’m not Adam and can’t answer to his changes to the rules, but a little thing called legalities usually applies. Just like any pro photographer has an attorney or legal rep that does the fine print for contracts and copyright infringement invoices, bands have legalities as well that those working for the band have to abide by as well. As a photographer, I figured you’d know that.

  • Nathan Heffernan

    I know exactly what you mean in respect to a second shooter in wedding photography and the rule changes between competitions. But surely he knows the importance of not allowing someone to sign over the rights of the images unless they are being paid.
    Yes, I know he wasn’t going to pay them in the first place but the winners of the last completion were not paid but their rights were protected. Surely if this time around the touring company or band management wouldn’t allow them to own the rights of an image, the competition shouldn’t be held in the first place?

  • Lindsay Davis

    I see what you mean, and personally do not agree with the rights matter either, which is why I wouldn’t apply myself for this. However, most contracts in the music industry of high profile bands in music (not just the scene) make you sign a rights grab prior to even considering you to get approval for a photo pass. It will clearly express you are not getting paid, you are not to sell the photos, and if they want to use your photos for profit, they will and you get nothing.
    It may not be “right” but anyone has the choice to walk away. Adam is clearly trying to give an opportunity to someone to learn versus shooting remote. And to use some pretty kick ass hear that I’m sure they would never have the chance to use otherwise. 99% of internships in this industry are unpaid and don’t always leave you with rights to your work.
    He’s even stated you will be allowed to keep some of the work.
    I’m sure you are more than welcome to email the bands manager to discuss your discontent, however I imagine Adam has done his due diligence in organizing this with not only the bands management but also his legal representation. You may personally not like it, but the fact is, it doesn’t matter. There will be that one kid who will get this opportunity and instead of high horsing on the internet, they’ll take this as a learning curve and apply it to their future work.
    I’m all for being a voice for copyrighting, however these rules clearly express them forehand. I’d be more concerned over the amount of bands, companies and people stealing photographers work from the internet and violating copyright over a contest where the rules are clearly detailed and you have a CHOICE to apply or not.

  • Marisa Worrell

    That would be amazing! 🙂

  • Anni Sky

    Would be cool, if you do this in Germany too!
    ADTR is my favorite band & I really love your photos!

  • Jenny Bartel

    It is a dream for me to get the chance to photograph any band with you and your help and it would be perfect if it would be my absolute favorite band A Day To Remember but sadly I live in Germany U0001f62d

  • Kent Bunn

    15 minutes is utterly worthless as any sort of opportunity to learn.
    You learn by going out and shooting a LOT of pictures, and sorting out what works, and developing your own personal style.

  • Kent Bunn

    Start going to small local venues where they will let you bring a camera and shoot. And then just take pictures and figure out how the light works.

  • Kent Bunn

    Adam Elmakias Photography If they are bothered by you snaking their work, then they aren’t overqualified. They just don’t want to deal with someone that dresses up plagarism, as a “learning opportunity”.

  • Caleb Thomas

    Just contact a local paper, indie magazine, school paper or something. They can help you get a pass. Photo passes are easy to come by and you can keep your rights. Adam should be paying at least $150 a day for an assistant.

  • Caleb Thomas

    I don’t think Adam knows how copyright works. He can’t give copyright. Doesn’t matter who owns the camera. If you push the exposure button it’s legally your copyright. Unless you have an agreement to sell it (don’t give it) for free. So no you can’t give the copyright because it’s already in the possession of the creator. All you can do is trick them into giving you the copyright.

  • Caleb Thomas

    Tamrawrr May Lewis it’s not that hard actually! Just practice, practice, practice. When you get comfortable go out and shoot smaller local bands, get in contact with local press and see if you can shoot bigger shows for them, not a hard thing to achieve. Meanwhile you are keeping your rights all along.
    Don’t let people take advantage of you on your way up. Enjoy your hobby, if someone needs you to shoot for them you deserve to be paid and at the very least keep your rights.

  • Caleb Thomas

    Cami Cojocarescu he is literally using people. And with a major lens maker sponsoring him while he also gets paid by his client (assuming it’s the band).
    If the work is hard, and boring, you should be paid. This is not a creative position to shoot photos in. You will literally learn nothing about shooting pictures. And the critique of photos from the soundboard is worthless because you can’t really do much from there. Adam knows great photos are about access.
    Study Jim Marshall if you want to be a great music photographer. Don’t waste your time with people who are trying to pillage your dreams for their own profit and publicity.

  • Caleb Thomas

    Don’t do it. Just get in contact with local press, venue, or management and ask for a photo pass. If you have any experience you can usually get in there and shoot the first 3 songs. And you keep your rights. Have fun, do great work, and don’t let people like Adam steal your rights as a photographer. Assistant jobs and 2nd shooter jobs are great ways to learn but you deserve to be compensated for those. Especially if you don’t have copyright.

  • Becca Greve

    I second Chicago! This sounds like an amazing opportunity, as I would love to shoot concerts!

  • Marisa Worrell

    For me it is not about the money. Learning from my favorite photographer and hearing his feedback on my images would be awesome. Also ADTR has been my favorite band for several years I’ve seen them live multiple times and would LOVE to photograph them with Adam. Adam is just trying to help teach others and give them an opportunity of a lifetime.

  • Marisa Worrell

    This a screenshot of a picture I took. It is just a cell phone picture I think I had the s5 when I took this. Quality isn’t great and I probably over edited. But I LOVE this photo. And think of how much better it would have been with a real camera. I’m serious when I say it’s not about money for me. But thank you Caleb for the suggestion, I appreciate it. 🙂

  • Glenn Adams

    Really gutted that I missed this! I’d love to intern with you! 2nd year photography student trying to get into gig photography.. but anyways I love your work man!

  • Jayden Gill

    Adam Elmakias Photography it’s only letting me tag 2 out of the 3 needed help

  • Jayden Gill

    Adam Elmakias Photography I tagged at the bottom , in case, fingers crossed