Collide With The Sky Tour Recap

The Collide With The Sky tour was fuckin’ fantastic. I knew the Tonight Alive and Sleeping With Sirens guys from Warped Tour, and met Hands Like Houses on the tour. I have been working with Pierce The Veil for…. 4… almost 5 years now. Holy shit, it’s been awhile. It was a good tour, everyone was golden. I spent 18 days riding with Pierce The Veil and 5 days with Tonight Alive. It was my first time riding along with Tonight Alive but we got along really well. I can’t wait to post their blog, tons of images.  They remind me of the people I grew up with. Big thanks to them for letting me hang out.

My job on tour was to photograph anything and everything and then put it up on Pierce The Veil’s Facebook and website the next day. You can view all of my favorite images /prints in the following two blogs.

View Collide With The Sky Tour Photographs Part 1

View Collide With The Sky Tour Photographs Part 2

Pierce The Veil & Adam Elmakias

Pierce The Veil and I hanging on the bus. This is usually how we chill. Really close together and shit

Adam Elmakias and Tonight Alive

Hanging with Tonight Alive in Vegas, EVERYONE IS SOBER

Tony teaching guitar but not really

Thank you Tony for teaching me how to shred on a broken guitar

Baby, Tonight Alive's puppy

This is the puppy we found somewhere on the tour and then dropped it off later, meet Baby

This is a pic of all the bands and crew, such good people. I was behind the camera for this one.

In addition to all this I got to meet up with a bunch of you guys. I tried my best to walk the line and say hey everyday. If you ever want me to come say hey on tour all you have to do is tweet me once you are at the show waiting in line. I am usually doing computer work at the venue up until doors. You can always follow my travel in the travel section up top.  Nice meeting everyone!

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