All Time Low UK Arena Tour Photos

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All Time Low was headlining this tour with You Me At Six–so same size band, billed the same–but the only difference is You Me At Six played last. They can’t exactly play at the same time, now can they! My job for this tour is the same as every tour- shoot all day and provide content for the band/band members to post on their socials the next day. The main goal is for me to accurately depict the size of the band’s shows and show how nice their faces look. This was the biggest tour I had ever done. I loved it. Lots of people at the concerts and lots of people to put in the photos. Additionally as the crowd/capacities and sizes of the venues increase, so do the lighting and production packages of each band. I haven’t done a tour of this size before. I mean I have been on rather large tours before, with big bands, but I was usually touring with the smaller acts. It would have been cool to start touring with bands like Metallica and Slipknot or something, but I didn’t start with them, I didn’t grow with them–so in the end it wouldn’t be as rewarding. I like that personal connection of being part of the team and I feel it really helps my images as well. So everyday I photograph the show. By the the end of the tour my goal is to have enough images to properly represent everything that happened during the show. This means that some days I wont get every shot, but cumulatively it will present the tour in its best light possible. I shoot some images from the photo pit, but my main is advantage is the access I have and I need to make sure to utilize that every day. I can shoot backstage, onstage, side stage, from the audience and all of anything and everything. That is why the band has me there. So everyday on this tour I was up around 7:00 or 8:00am, and then to bed at 2:00 or 3:00am. They were long days. Wasn’t too bad for me however cause it was only a 5 show tour, and I am used to 5 weeks! So I was okay with it. I had a lot of shots to get everyday and with the increased size in venue I needed to start shooting some remote cameras. I shot three different cameras almost every day, with one at front of house and then another rigged up high somewhere. This allowed me to get all the shots I needed to get without having to run around the venue much. Its important I am at the right place for the right time during the set, and if I am running to the back of the venue just to get one shot, it doesn’t quite work. I made this video recently showing how I shot the set from start to finish. In this particular video I didn’t have a camera at front of house camera, so I did have to do some running! But you get the idea. I gotta stay fit somehow.

I also have some techniques for making sure I know when certain key parts of the set are coming up. Its pretty simple and just involves some paper and a pen. I basically draw out each songs timeline as a literal line, and make letter markings at different parts of each song. Each later stands for something different. C means crowd, or when the crowd is fully lit up. J means jump, P means pyro, etc etc. Its really whatever works for you. I just have to shoot the same thing everyday–lighting stays the same, production stays the same–so I figure cancel out as much of the luck as possible and try to create good photo taking situations to the best of my advantage.

I usually get most of my editing done the night of the show right after it’s over–or at least download and store the images. This way I can wake up the next day and get right to work. However because I was shooting so many images (almost 4,000) with remote cameras on this tour it just wasn’t possible most of the time. Anyway, enjoy the photos! let me know if you have any questions. Post them everywhere, print em out if you want and put em on your wall – just make sure to send me a picture afterwards. This will be the last tour I am selling prints for- everything is changing.

2/6/2015 – London, UK – Electric Ballroom with Neck Deep
2/7/2015 – Cardiff, UK – Rehersals with All Time Low
2/8/2015 – Cardiff, UK – Rehersals with All Time Low
2/9/2015 – Cardiff, UK – Motorpoint Arena
2/10/2015 – Birmingham UK – Birmingham LG Arena
2/11/2015 – Off day in Manchester
2/12/2015 – Glasgow, UK – The SSE Hydro
2/13/2015 – Manchester, UK – Phones 4u Arena
2/14/2015 – London, UK – The O2 Arena



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Neck Deep at The Electric Ballroom in London

Neck Deep at The Electric Ballroom in London

Alex at rehersals

Rian Dawson at rehersals

All Time Low rehersals

Tom Begley, nice guy

Zack at rehersals with his baby

Hanging with Rian, keep up the good work man

All Time Low rehersals

Rian Dawson and his kit

All Time Low tech talks about pyro


Alex having a moment with his baby

Zack hanging

Alex from above

My gear, and my pass

Out to eat!

Alex in an empty venue

Jack in the empty venue

Alex with some nice blues

Jack looking fly

Rian Dawson checking out his machine thing

Jalex sleeping

Rian always warms up for an hour before the set

Swag lord reporting for duty

Jack of All Time Low live

Zack jamming

Just going for a stroll

Pyro blasts

Rian Dawson of All Time Low, smiles for 84 days

Rian’s view of the fireworks

Pyro from front of house

All the lights so pretty!

Alex at the sound check

Soundcheck with All Time Low

Rian of All Time Low

Standard sexual tension, I had to crop out Alex’s face cause it was too wild

Ay ballet

Solo time with Alex Gaskarth

Full house from up high

Crowd from above

All Time Low packed venue


Alex after the set

Me after the set

After show drinks on the bus

Alex Portrait

Best friends Alex and Jack

All Time Low

Team work

Right before going to stage

All Time Low live in Glasgow

I am not quite sure about this one but i think i like it

Alex All Time Low

So many people

Rian Dawson of All Time Low

These are my clothes

Josh of You Me At Six and Alex of All Time Low

Giles and Tom

photo by Andy Laing –

photo by Andy Laing –

This is how i shoot with my monopod! Photo by Andy Laing

photo by Andy Laing –

photo by Andy Laing –

Alex and Jack do shoes

Outside hang.

Rian Dawson

Rian and Zack working out in a semi truck, i really like these photos

Rian and Zack working out in a semi truck

Rian and Zack working out in a semi truck

Alex before the set

Lots of people!

Phone lights on

Clap time

Crowd shot Manchester

he is giving me his favorite finger


Rians view

hot crossed buns



Alex with Lee of Bring Me The Horizon

Vegan of Bring Me The Horizon and Jack of All Time Low

Matt of You Me At Six and Matt of Bring Me The Horizon

Swag goddess ay

Dan of You Me At Six and Jack of All Time Low


Alex giving a nice speech

Tim and Eric is really nasty


Acoustic from above

Alex x Game Of Thrones

Jack x Game Of Thrones

Rian x Game Of Thrones

All Time Low x Game Of Thrones


Jack excited about the venue size

All Time Low soundcheck at O2 Arena in London

Jack of All Time Low

Giles and Tom

Tom and Giles

Jack portrait


Fits right in

Pyro never gets old

Extra pyro for London!

From above

Happy Joy

Quite the jump

From the back of the venue

Same shot different light

Black and white crowd

Full band

Alex telling the crowd to hold up their phones

Cell phones out

Another view

Rian of All Time Low

All Time Low at The O2 Arena in London

Cheeky touch

Full stage shot


Ready to shower

You Me At Six and All Time Low

Walk The Moon – Jack Barakat

Alex Selfie



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